Rabbit Shows

Can be a fascinating way to improve the level of knowledge you posess about your breed, and meet a few other folks who are actually interested in what "fluffy" can do!

Rabbit shows are generally put on by a local rabbit club or fair, generally these shows are done under the supervision of the American Rabbit Breeders Association or ARBA. The rabbits are judged against others in their breed,with each breed having different criteria to meet and then the best of each breed goes on to compete with each other for the coveted Best In Show award. There is a Standard of Perfection that each animal is judged against, detailing exactly how the animal is to appear, what its body should be like, its ears, eyes, EVERYTHING. A few stray hairs the wrong colour, or an off-coloured toenail will get a bunny thrown off the judging table.

Showing is a very competitve, fun way to culminate your interest in your rabbit. It 's addictive!

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