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Your rabbit will do best on a diet based on modern rabbit pellets. (Brands such as Manna Pro, Purina and Heinhold are commonly available). Some breeders supplement this feed with the addition of rolled oats (like Quaker Oats) and wild bird seed.
Feed pellets freely until your bunny is 5 months old. Then 3/4's a cup daily is plenty (don't forget lots of hay) The thing to keep in mind is not to overfeed either. Fat rabbits suffer more from the heat and they don't like to breed either (pass the bon bons please!)

Hay is another suggested feed. Most breeders recommend that hay be available all the time, as it provides essential fiber. Various types of hay are avaiable such as :
    An orchard grass and alfalfa blend is what we feed. The animals seem to enjoy it and it's avaiable locally. Timothy hay
    Oat Hay
    Even those hay blocks they sell in pet store can be good (but expensive).
  • Treats
    Treats are okay in moderation (two or three times a week at most). Treats that are good are sections of banana (peel and all) or apple section,or even broccoli. (they can have it!). LETTUCE is NOT recommended as it can cause diarrhea.

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