Angora History

While it is not fully documented, most breeders agree that the Angora rabbit originates in Ankara, Turkey, which also boasts the Angora Goat and Angora cat. It was a mutation of the wool gene, LL, into ll, that produced a rabbit with longer wool than normal.From there it was selected for, and became a distinct breed in itself.
They were on exhibition in France as early as 1723. the Angoras were also known as the pets in the homes of the French Royalty.
Toward the end of that century they were sent all over Europe, and the selection in England for the finer wool and heavy furnishings began.
Early this century, the Angora made it to America. Once here American Ingenuity took over and an industry was created. there were man very large cooperatives formed which would buy wool in small quantities, combine it and find commercial markets. One interesting time was World War II. Breeders at that time were urged to increase their breeding stock so that when "the boys" came home there would be another industry for them to go into. But alas with the advent of new "improved" modern synthetic fibers interest waned.
Until the last so many years, when interest in this natural wonder fiber and these cute little furrballs has resurfaced. And it has been a love affair ever since.

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