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Basic Introduction
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"What kind of dog is that?" we're often asked by passers-by at a show. The fuzzy faces, beautiful posture and friendly demeanor attract a lot of attention. Never mind that we're in a RABBIT show, surrounded by hundreds of bunnies. Never mind that we're wearing a rabbit emblem on our shirts or that we have a picture of one on our sign.

"Rabbits don't look like that. They just don't."

So we point out that the creature laying in our laps being brushed or petted is an English Angora Rabbit.

"But I've never seen a rabbit look like that. It looks like a dog. IT'S BEAUTIFUL..."

We started breeding and showing about a year ago and have been hooked ever since. These rabbits are very sweet-natured and docile, which is good, since they need to be handled and groomed more than other breeds. It also helps to have a rabbit who will stand somewhat still when you need to cut or pluck that wool.

Do they make good companions?
Angoras have been bred for centuries as the companions of royalty. They have been selected for gentleness and demeanor as well as wool quality.

Most people who are not familiar with English Angoras are taken aback when they see me carry one cuddled up like a baby, or see another one flat on its back in my lap, content, looking just like a stuffed animal. We have a beautiful white buck that we took to shows who liked to sit in a chair. He would sit all day in that chair, never making a move to jump off, never backing away from people who petted him. He loved the attention!

Angoras make wonderful pets as long as you are willing to groom them. They are quiet, but full of personality and calm. We have never seen one of our bunnies try to bite anyone maliciously. They are also easily litter box trained.
These beautiful animals have attracted the attention of the crafters also. Handspinners love to spin this incredible fiber. Its airy texture and loft lend itself to create wonderful yarns.

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